product design
This is my final project for RISD's Designing with Solidworks course. The assignment tasked me to look at an existing product and analyze how it can be improved. Because it is a product I use almost every day, I chose to redesign a portable Bluetooth speaker.​​​​​​
01. Product Analysis
From my experience with this selected speaker, I found that the varying orientation of speaker relative to the user can make it difficult to quickly locate buttons. Additionally, individual buttons are not efficient for adjusting volume. I disassembled the original product to better understand what components have to fit inside the casing.
02. Redesign Process
I sketched some possible prototypes focusing on ways I could streamline the experience of interacting with a speaker's controls. Inspired by the Nest Thermostat, I knew a ring-like volume controller which wraps around the body of the speaker could be extremely effective. As I began to design the parts, I realized that the original ordering of the battery, PCB, and speaker unit would have to be rearranged to function in my redesign.
Because the Micro-B and AUX ports are attached to the PCB, the PCB must be situated in a section of the speaker that is not obstructed by the volume knob. I decided to situate the PCB at the bottom of the speaker, which meant the battery needed to be relocated above the PCB.
The ring around the speaker would be the sole method of control for all of the speaker's functionality. A potentiometer attached to the PCB would be able to measure the ring's orientation relative to a specific position, allowing for controlling volume and power. As the ring turns, there would be a small amount of resistance so it would not accidentally adjust volume. I also added a handle and rubber footing on the bottom casing of the speaker for increased ease of use.

03. Rendering & Branding
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