2018 – 2019
various mediums
This is a collection of works I made between 2018 and 2019.
Strategic Fallacy
In the digital age, harmful messages can be sent to anyone with the press of a button.

Polluted oceans are becoming increasingly difficult for animals to survive, if not thrive, in.
Mixed Taste
Growing up as a Chinese-American, my family would often Americanize traditional Chinese dishes for me.
Prenatal Reality / Tower Of Babel
A representation of my identity through a biological lens (left) versus an abstracted lens (right).
Synthetic Pulsar
Exploration of form using a single repeated element (sliced tennis balls).
Photography series featuring various colors of Yellowstone National Park.

Fluid Font / Gathering Bloom
Earth's future cannot be saved solely using words. Despite appearing frail, jellyfish are one of the world's most deadly creatures— even more so in numbers.

Exploration of line and light.

Half Full
Rising sea levels endanger the world inhabited by countless generations before us. 
Innovative Secrecy
Experimental poster & typography design. 

Facial Forces
Exploring how to create a piece of headwear which looked both powerful and delicate at the same time.

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